Dos Maguey | Handwoven Carrier + Blanket


The Dos Maguey - handwoven carrier + blanket, is an all-in-one lifestyle piece that combines The Maguey carrier and your desired vida blanket; handpicked by us, through you, from your choices in the Vida Collection.

Story & Meaning:

Maguey is the name given to a plant that is part of the agave family.  Cultivated during the spanish colonial era, a plant well known for its numerous uses.  One of which is of "fibre".

Dos meaning "two", and Maguey being a type of "fibre", represent the gathering of two fibres; later becoming a weave within a handwoven article - in this case, a mexican netted bag.

Vida meaning "life", is rich in value; high importance across indigenous communities of mexico.

A great option for:

  • Camping
  • Beach
  • Parks & Picnics
  • Social events
  • Or just lounging around at home.

Blanket Colours:

The Vida Collection draws on colour-ways found across land and skies of Mexico.

  • Nube Colours:  Cloud White
  • Tierra Colours:  Earth Tones
  • Bosque Colours:  Forest & Woods
  • Sol Colours:  Sun Drenched Hues
  • Humo Colours:  Smoke Haze

Blanket Materials: 

  • Size: 130 x 190 cm
  • Fibre: Soft, recycled blend of cotton, polyester, acrylic
  • Construction: Handwoven on a traditional wooden loom
  • Artisan: Community collaborative
  • Origin: (Tlaxcala), Mexico

Carrier Details:

  • Colour:  Natural/ earthy tones
  • Size:  Holds all twin blankets (130 x 190cm)
  • Fibre:  Natural Maguey Plant Fibre + Vegetable Dyed Leather Strap
  • Construction:  Handwoven/ traditional methods
  • Artisan: Community collaborative
  • Origin: (San Cristobal), Mexico